Regulations for participation in sports-and-recreation camps as part of obligatory physical education courses at the Krakow University of Economics

Read – Regulations for participation in sports-and-recreation camps.

  1. Each participant of the camp is obliged to comply with the terms of these Regulations. Application for participation in a sports-and-recreation camp (hereinafter referred to as “the camp”) is tantamount to acceptance of the terms contained in theseRegulations.
  2. The camp participant is obliged to comply with the instructions of the teaching staff, and to arrive at the assembly points on time.
  3. Dates of courses/classes are provided to camp participants on an on-going basis, taking into account the weather and organizational conditions, etc.
  4. The participant of the camp, as an adult, bears full responsibility for his/her behaviour, and is required to cover the cost of any material losses occasioned through his/her fault.
  5. The camp participant is requiredto participate in the scheduled activities.
  6. At the camp participant’s request, the instructors may agree to individual implementation of the scheduled activities.
  7. The camp participant is required to inform the camp leaders about any accident, injury, illness, malaise or other limitations preventing his/her participation in classes.
  8. The participant of the camp is fully responsible for all events or accidents that take place outside the curricular activities and during the individual implementation of the curricular activities, as well as for the consequences resulting from them.
  9. The camp participant is required to comply with the safety rules and regulations at the accommodation, premises or facility where the program activities take place, i.e. ski slope, body of water, swimming pool, sports hall, tennis court, etc.
  10. It is forbidden to attend the camp while intoxicated or being under the influence of drugs of alcohol. Violation of this prohibition results in removal from the camp at the expense of the participant.
  11. Camp participants are not allowed to smoke on the site.
  12. You should read and comply with the rules and regulations in force at your accommodation (place of stay).
  13. The Participant is required to arrange his/her insurance against “Accidents” as well as “Costs of medical treatment”.
  14. For non-compliance with these regulations or the regulations in force at the accommodation (place of stay), the following consequences may be applied: admonition, reprimand, expulsion from the camp, referring the case to the Disciplinary Committee for Students.

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