Center for Physical Education and Sport (SWFiS) – registration for activities (PE classes)

Summer semester 2022/23

Dear Students,

Center for Physical Education and Sport (SWFiS)would like to notify you that in the summer semester 2022/2023, registration for physical education classes is going to be via the USOSweb system.

Each student should individually register via the USOSweb platform for the most preferred sports activities of his/her choice (one activity only!).

The offer of activities (sports hall, swimming pool, gym, outdoor activities) will be available at the swfis.uek.krakow.pl website, starting from 21.02.2023.

Before beginning the registration process, each student should check whether he/she has “PE” tokens, authorizing him/her to register for the activities. Information about the tokens can be found in the “Dla Studentów” (“For Students”) menu >“Rejestracjeżetonowe” (“Token registrations”) > “Moje żetony” (“My tokens”) tab.

Instructions for token registrations are available here.

There are limits to places available in each group.

Before enrolling in PE classes, please check carefully whether the dates of the selected sports activities do not conflict with the Student’s overall schedule and timetable.

Please carefully choose only one form (one type) of sports activities !!!

Registration for classes in the USOS system

  • begins on February 23 @ 8 am and
  • it ends on February 26 @ 23:59 pm.

By enrolling in the particular group in the USOS system, each Student also choses a leading teacher who will enter the final grade for PE course. Each student who has chosen classes in a sports hall, swimming pool, or gym, or in the AZS UEK (University Sports Association) sections, is obliged to systematically participate, once a week, in the selected form of sports activities. Students who have chosen hiking or biking must complete five classes on the dates provided before the beginning of the classes.

Team of the Center for Physical Education and Sport

Sport sections of University Sports Association (AZS UEK) – registration for activities (PE classes) – summer semester 22/23

Dear Students,

We are happy to invite you to continue sport trainings within the sport sections of University Sports Association (AZS UEK). The trainings are addressed to these who have predispositions to train a specific sport discipline. We encourage both professionals and amateurs who wish to try out their skills.

Students select a sport section of AZS UEK while registering for physical education class in USOSweb for the summer semester 2022/23

  • from February 23 @ 8 am and
  • it ends on February 26 @ 11:59 pm

Fist year students attending AZS UEK trainings get “passed” grade for physical education class.

More details are available on AZS UEK website:

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