Rules of participation in physical education courses in university sports facilities at the Krakow University of Economics

Actual Rules.

  1. The Centerfor Physical Education and Sports (“SWFiS”) is an intercollegiate unit that deals with, among others, organizing and teaching courses in the field of physical education (PE) for students of the Krakow University of Economics.
  2. PE classes are organized and conducted in accordance with the applicable study programs.
  3. PE is a compulsory subject for all first-year students of full-time and long-cycle Master’s studies, at 60 teaching hours per year (two semesters of 30 teaching hours each in the winter and summer semesters). ECTS points are not assigned to PE classes.
  4. The student receives a course completion credit with a grade for each semester of classes.
  5. The student is required to systematically and actively participate in classes.
  6. The student is required to participate in PE classes in an outfit appropriate to the character of the course (according to the information provided by the teacher); in particular, the student is not allowed to carry or use objects that might threaten the health and safety of the student himself/herself or of other course participants.
  7. KUE students of higher years and students of part-time studies may participate in PE classes subject to paying a fee, in accordance with a separate Regulation by the KUE Rector.
  8. A student of the first year of full-time studies, before the beginning of each semester, selects the preferred type of PE classes and convenient dates via the USOS platform. The offer of PE classes is available at the SWFiS website:
  9. A student may only participate in one PE class per day (this applies to both curricular classes and additional “makeup” classes completed at another day than scheduled).
  10. A student applying for crediting the earlier grade from PE is required to submit an application for crediting the grade to the Director of the appropriate Institute, in accordance with the template available from the SWFiS website, together with the Transcript (Course Record i.e. “Karta przebiegu studiów”), endorsed by the organizational unit competent for Student Services. The application together with a complete set of documents should be submitted to the SWFiS secretariat in person, or remotely by email to the following address:, within two weeks from the beginning of the semester.
  11. A student with a long-term sick leave from physical education (for a semester or for the entire academic year) is required– within 2 weeks from the beginning of the semester – to appear before the Medical Committee, submitting a sick leave together with a doctor’s opinion and an application, the template of which is available at the SWFIS office. The Medical Committeedecides whether:
    • a) to proposealternative form of classes: e.g. classes at the swimming pool, gym, hiking, or rehabilitation classes; or
    • b) to ruleon the Student’s complete inability to participate in PE classes,
  12. In order to pass the semester, you must:
    • a) participate in a minimum of 13 out of 15 required classes; or
    • b) participate in 50%+1 classes (i.e. 8) with one teacher, and the remaining absences must be either made up for, or excused (with a certified reason).
  13. The final grade will be a component of the number of classes completed by the Student and the level of learning outcomes achieved, according to the following criteria:
    • b) very good grade –is awarded to a student who demonstrates high level of involvement, progress in learning, and who has achieved the assumed learning outcomes to a very good degree. During the semester, the student may make up for no more than two classes, and have only one excused absence;
    • c) good grade –is awarded to a student who has achieved the assumed learning outcomes to a good degree. A student may make up for classes up to four times during the semester and have only one unexcused absence;
    • d) satisfactory grade –is awarded to a student who has achieved the assumed learning outcomes to a sufficient degree. A student may have a maximum of two unexcused absences during the semester.
  14. Only one justified absence is allowed without that affecting the grade. If there are more excused absences, classes must be made up for (completed at another date).
  15. The student attends classes according to the schedule.
  16. The student has the right to make up for the classes when he/she was absent from, at another time where the same tutor has a class scheduled (subject to point 9). Absences must be made up within four weeks from the date of absence, after which absences will be considered unaccounted for.
  17. Matters that raise doubts or are not covered by these rules are resolved by the Head of SWFiS.
  18. Detailed rules for participation in outdoor physical education classes at the Krakow University of Economics and Business have been defined separately.

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